Local Flavors
Snack is the reflection of folk custom, the most outstanding feature of Dalian is the cultural blend of a broad cultural context. You can find intriguing snacks from various regions of China in Dalian, such as peddling egg pancake, delicious chinese hamburger, delicate Takoyaki, sweet and sour sugarcoated haws on a stick, thirst-quenching pearl milk tea, golden crispy pasteis de Belem, Xinjiang mutton kebabs with a taste and aroma, etc. please don't neglect the speciality of Dalian--- braised sweet potato with starch which taste like pudding with crispy and crunchy skin.
Salted fish braised pancake: Pickled fish dried in the sun then baked in iron pan and eat with corn pancake which is special and delicious.
Squids on hot plate: put squid on the heated iron plate and spill some condiment, such as thick chili sauce on the squid.
Shredded bean jelly: bean jelly is made of a kind of seaweed. Dried in the sun and then boiled for 7-8 hours, filtered, cooled then it becomes bean jelly. Cut it in strips and mix it with caraway, mashed garlic, sugar, vinegar and salt, etc.
Seafood braised sweet potato with starch: braised sweet potato with starch is made of bean jelly which is boiled by sweet potato starch. Put bean jelly on the pan and pressed it into pieces with a spatula, boiled it by soft fire and spill some shrimp and sea snail on it, finally add mashed garlic, sesame paste, soy sauce and vinegar, etc.