Dining in Dalian
Most Dalian people are offspring of Shantungese, so Dalian dishes are subordinated to Shandong cuisine. Dalian is one of the most important aquaculture bases in China and it is rich in seafood, such as fish, shrimp, crab, cowry and algae, etc. Thus, a majority of Dalian dishes use seafood as their main ingredients and take the others long both at home and abroad and finally develop their own styles.
Famous dishes of Dalian: Stewed shrimp, Steamed Abalone, Steamed Red Porgy, Multicoloured snowflakes scallops, Dalian shrimp sauce, conch platter, braised happy family of seafood, stir-fried   Sea Worm, Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea, Pearl seal, duck surrounded sea cucumber, colorful shrimp.
Besides seafood, barbecue is also a good choice which can also be baked in Dalian, such as the national famous squids on hot plate. Barbecue restaurants in Dalian usually keep open beyond midnight and night markets are bustling with noise and excitement, friends can get together at these places. There are many barbecue restaurants on the barbecue street on the Dalian Zhanqian Square. If you want to have seafood grill, you can go to Wuyue Seafood Barbecue Restaurant, Taoyuan Barbecue Building, seafood buffet in Infante Hotel, etc.
Varieties of dining places in Dalian, such as Fishing Port of Dalian, Wanbao Seafood Hotel, Fuge Seafood hotel, Zhongshanyuan Abalone and Shark's Fin Stews Shop, the sea floor goods, Maji Seafood Building, etc. Popular restaurants including Restaurant glory, the fishing port of Dalian, Heshijiao Boite, Double-Sheng Park food court, Laocaiguan, small fishing village market, Kaifaqu Nantuo fishing village, Xiaojiuzhou Seafood Hotel, Golden Pebble Beach Chunni Seafood Hotel, etc. Distinctive Snacks and commen hotels are mainly in shopping centre near Railway Station, such as Shengli Square Underground, fifth floor of New Mart, Park Land Group, Meishi Street in Bayi Road.
Tips: July to August is the bat hidden in Dalian, so there will be no seafood and is not suitable to eat seafood. More garlic is good when eating seafood or barbecue to prevent getting sick coursed by endemic or stale food.