Hot Products
Xianzi, also called clam, there are about ten kinds of Clams including Asiatic hard clam, sand clam, wen clam, niao clam and qing clam etc., they all can be the best dishes when boiled, cold mixed or quick-fried.
Haihong, also called Mussels, is loved by many Dalian people for its delicious taste and rich nutrition.
Boold clam, also called Mao xianzi, is mainly lives in the soft loose soil; its meat is fresh and tender.
Oyster, also called sub-sea oyster, can be eaten raw or cooked. The oyster can be cooked into fried oyster, also can be made into oyster hot pot when stewed with pickle mustardgreen. 
Scallops: the scallops got the name because of its fan shape. After boiled, the scallops can be eaten directly or together with the seasonings. The sundried scallops can be made into famous sea products--- dried scallop.
The common edible seafood in Dalian also includes conch, niliuzi, razor clam, spiral shell etc..
Eight Rare Sea Foods
Sea cucumber is a kind of precious seafood. The most famous is stichopus in north China. The "Wuxing Sea cucumber", produced by Dalian Changhai country, is known as “the ring of Sea cucumber”, and it is ranked as the top one among Eight Rare Sea Foods.
The history of cultivating apples in Dalian can be traced back to ninety years ago. In 1902, the apple output is rank the first in China, covers more than one-third of Liaoning province and Dalian is therefore hailed as "Hometown of Apple". Now there are over 120 kinds of apple in Dalian, including Ralls, Zhuguang, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious, India, Fuji etc.

There are five kinds of cherries in Dalian, including China cherry, Cerasus cerrulata, Morello cherry, Sweet cherry and also the Dalian sweet cherry which comes from cultivating hybrid.
The Dalian sweet cherry have the following varieties: Yuanhong, Richu, Zaofeng, Hongdeng, Honemi etc.