Folk Custom

Dalian is located in the south of Liaotung Peninsula. Many ethnic groups of northeast have been there throughout the ages. From Yan and Qin to the early time of Tang dynasty, Han, Eastern Hu, Fuyu declined and grew constantly throughout thousands of years. From the Five Dynasties (907-960)and the Later Liang Dynasty to the early Qing dynasty, they have been there for thousands of years. At that time, the Han people from Bohai Sea, people of Dongdan, people of Nuchen, new army of NanSong in Yuan dynasty and the prisons of war of Xixia have moved there one after another. People of all nationalities (all ethnic groups) lived together which promoted the ethnic unity and the exchange of the culture and technic, and propeled the productivity. According to the fourth population census of 1990, there are 36 ethnic groups in Dalian.

There are Buddhism, Taoism, Christianism, Islamism, and Catholicism in Dalian. Taoism and Buddhism have thousands years of history, but Catholicism and Christianism were Imported during the Chin Dynasty. Before liberation, Dalian had all together over 400 temples and churches, and in the initial period of liberation, there were still more than 230 temples and churches left. After the People's Republic of China (PRC) was founded, Dalian implemented the religion policy which respects the freedom of religious belief and allows legal forms of religions. Many temples and churches were pulled down during the period of "cultural revolution". After the 11th meeting of the CCP, the freedom of religious belief was reaffirmed and proper religious activities would be protected. All the cases in which religionist were unjustly sentenced were overturned. Buddhist associations and Islamic associations were established which aroused the religionists' enthusiasm of the construction of the socialist material and spiritual civilization. By 1997, there have been 72 religious activity sites, 6 municipal patriotic religious groups and 550,000 religious adherents as well as 110 religion undertaking personnel in Dalian.
Cultural Facilities
1. Dalian library covers a total area of 30425 square meters. It is the first-class national library and came into service in 1990. It has 2.1 million books and 70000 pass holders and can accommodate 800,000 readers in all. In 1999, China-Japan Document Literature House was reformed and the branch office of Children Palace was built.
2. Dalian young children's library covers a total area of 6500 square meters. It is the first-class national library and came into service in 1997. It has 310,000 books and 17000 pass holders and can accommodate readers in all 500,000 every year.
3. Dalian art gallery covers a total area of 1400 square meters. It came into use in 1997. More than 10 times of art exhibition will be opened every year and it has become the culture palace of Dalian.
4. People's culture club covers a total area of 12000 square meters. It came into use in 1950 and after the comprehensive renovation in 1995, the club is more powerful, it was visited by national and foreign leaders as well as famous arts groups.
Art Achievement
In recent years, the professional troupe puts on 700 shows per year whose dramas won several awards in competitions at home and abroad. Five actors were awarded with Plum Blossom Award. Since 1993, the troupe has won 3 international awards, 12 national awards and more than 60 provincial and ministerial awards. The troupe keeps on developing its cultural exchange—accepts more than 40 foreign visiting troupes and puts on more than 1700 shows overseas.
The artistic creation and performance of the people in Dalian are unprecedentedly active. Excellent works are constantly emerging. The activity of creating cultural advanced counties and districts has achieved gratifying success. Since 1993, they have won 2 international awards, 60 national awards and more than provincial and ministerial awards. Among the city of Dalian, five districts (counties) were named national advanced counties (districts) in culture and model area of culture, one village was named "Pu Gong Ying" National Children Culture Park, ten districts (cities) were named Culture and Art Activity Base by the province, and three villages were named National Folklore Painting and Quyi Village. Headed by culture square,  culture activities of citizens were extraordinarily splendid. From May to October every year, more than 4000 activities were held in squares in the city and attracted 500,000 audiences. Librarianship in the city is booming. There are overall 12 libraries covering a total area of 59083 square meters and have a collection of books of 3500,000.
By the end of 2008, Dalian has had 4 professional art performance troupes under direct municipal jurisdiction, 13 public libraries, 12 cultural art galleries and 7 public museums. 
Artistic creation and performance:
The professional art performance troupes under direct municipal jurisdiction completed some 1450 scenes of performance, with the audience of nearly one million, including 649 scenes of performance and audience of 597 thousand person-times at home. Turbulent Apricot Yellow Flag won the gold medal on 5th China Peking Opera Festival, and the acrobatics program, Dalian Girls -- trick cycling won the gold medal on 16th Massy International Circus Festival in France. The acrobatics program, Modern Man and Woman Supple-virtuosity, Passion won 7th Chinese Circus Chamomile Award, namely the gold prize on 2nd national acrobatics competition. 2008 Dalian Professional Art Performance Troupe Demonstration Match was held.

Social and Cultural Events:
Series of events of ¡°Building a Cultural Dalian¡± were organized. The ¡°2131 Project of Film Screening¡± was further implemented, 12096 shows were presented to farmers and the audience quantity amounted to over two million person-times. Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival shows were successfully completed. There were 28 foreign movies and more than 70 showings, 32 domestic movies and more than 100 showings and nearly one thousand square movie showings. Dalian Library was designated as the first group of national important protection units of cultural relic; Zhuanghe city, Jinzhou District, Xigang District and Lvshunkou District were named as Chinese Folk Culture and Art Township by Ministry of Culture.
News and Publishing (copyright) administration:
By the end of the year, Dalian has had seven newspapers, 55 periodicals and 6 publishing houses (including audio and video ones). The event of ¡°Delivering Books to Villages¡± was launched, more than 28 thousand books were sold and over 3400 books donated; the work of enterprise software licensing regulation was facilitated.
Administration of Cultural Market:
The series of special inspections of cultural market were carried out. 3000 person-times participated in the inspection of over 1800 cyber bars, more than 40 dancing halls. Besides, there were more than 1,800 times of publication market inspection, and over 700 business households, 134 printing enterprises as well as 55 heritage conservation units under inspection. 85 thousand disks (volumes) of illegal audio and video products as well as prints were confiscated and 3 audio and video illegal workshops demolished.
Cultural relics and museum work:
295 items of defining and description of protection scope and construction control of cultural relics protection units at provincial, municipal and district (city) levels were accomplished. 835 items of immovable historical relics catalogues description were completed. Municipal museums held 32 temporary shows and special shows, and got 230 objects collected and donated. Lvshun Museum was designated as the first group of National First Class Museum, and Dalian Modern Museum and Lvshun Japan & Russia Prison Museum as National Second Class Museum.