City Construction


Construction steadily developed. The total output value produced by qualified building enterprises was 70.46 billion yuan, up by 15.9 percent. The overall labor productivity calculated according to the construction output value was 152 thousand yuan per person, up by 10.9 percent. 

Real estate development:
The real estate market was in smooth operation. Floor space under construction was 33,286 thousand square meters, 21.1 percent more than that of the previous year; the floor space completed was 7486 thousand square meters, up by 74.8 percent.The sale value of commercial buildings reached 47.46 billion yuan, up by 2.9 percent, of which, the sales value of the residence was 43.26 billion yuan, up by 1.9 percent. The sales floorage of commercial buildings was 8,219 thousand square meters, down by 0.8 percent. Of which, the sales floorage of residence was 7701 thousand square meters, down 1.8 percent. The vacant floorage of commercial houses was 2,597 thousand square meters, of which residence vacancy was 1,769, thousandsquare meters, increasing by 34 percent and 37.5 percent respectively.