Dalian is an important industrial base of China with a complete range of industries, competent supporting ability and a fairly complete manufacturing infrastructure. Dalian is listed as the top city for its gross industrial output among major cities in northeast of China and has formed industrial system mainly consisting of petrochemical industry, shipbuilding industry, electronics industry, machinery industry, metallurgy and building materials industries, food industry, medical industry, etc., which has good command of undertaking international manufacturing shifting. Dalian has the largest scale of production of petrochemical industry, locomotive, large-scale machinery, bearings as well as refrigeration equipment. Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co.Ltd has become the Flagship in China shipbuilding industry. In 2005, the gross output of industrial enterprises above the designed size reached 249.1 billion RMB, up by 21.2% over the previous year. In the same year, it is estimated that the area total output valve reached 229 billion RMB, up by 14.2 % over the previous year. Total investment in fixed assets reached 111 billion RMB, up by 55 %. Data of general budgetary revenue of local government reached 15.14 billion RMB, up by 18.7%. The total retail sales of social consumer goods reached 73.2 %, up by 13.5 %. The per capita disposable income of urban residents reached 11934 RMB, up by 15 % and farmers per capita net income reached 5900 RMB, up by 15.6 %.