Train Timetable

Connecting northeast and north China railways, there are more than 50 Dalian tourist trains to Beijing, Shenyang, Harbin. At the same time, "liaotung peninsula" is especially opened from Dalian to Shenyhang; as well as "Golden Pebble Beach" tourist express train and all air conditioning tourist line TGV, such as Dalian to Beijing, Dalian to Changchun, Dalian to Harbin. Situated in Qing Ninwaqiao, Dalian Railway Station offers ticket free delivery service. Dalian railway is the major transportation junction in Southern Liaoning, connecting Dalian, Yingkou and other 6 cities as well as Port of Dalian, Dayaowan Port, Port Arthur and other two ports. Connecting national road net, Dalian railway now owns 55 stations, 17 railroad lines, overall length 1384 kilometers, the yearly goods delivery rate is 24,000,000 tons, and number of passengers dispatched is over 18,700,000 persons. Running speed and transport capacity of trains have been highly enhanced for the establishments of four block container trains (Dalian to Harbin, Dalian to Shanyang, Dalian to Changchun, Dalian to Yanji) and three important inland harbours. The construction of Yantai-Dalian train ferry will makes Dalian a pivotal city cross-sea connecting East China Railway.

Stations near Dalian Railway Station: No.7, No. 13, No. 31, No. 31 local bus, No.101, No. 201, No.203, No.203 local bus, No.408, No.414, No.516, No.522, No.524, No.531, No.

Stations near North Plaza of Dalian Railway Station: No. 527, No.541

Information Desk: 0411-82603331

Telephone Booking Tickets: 0411-82592873、82592875