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  • Zhuang Jia Yuan(Zhongshan Square Store)
    The first authentic peasant restaurant titled "Zhuang Jia Yuan" was established in the Beijing Street in March, 1996. Now the countryside food culture which is known throughout Dalian is spread from there. A youngster from Jilin is good at cooking farm-flavored dishes. Address: No.2

  • Zhuang Jia Yuan
    The restaurant is specialized in northeast farm-flavored dishes and farm-flavored specialities across the country as well as Dalian seafood. Covering 1800 square meters, it has 17 private rooms and 400 tables. We follow the operation theory of continuation and evolution of farm-flavored specialiti

  • New Times Coarse Food Grain Hotel
    People who want to eat special cuisine but don't want spend much money New Times Coarse Food Grain Hotel is your best choice. Located in the Sanba business area, New Times Coarse Food Grain Hotel is the best choice for white-collar workers with its reasonable time distribution and good nutrition.

  • Modern Coarse Food Grain
    Located on the most famous square in Dalian which is the biggest one in Asian, Modern Coarse Food Grain covers 2500 square meters and can accommodate 400 people dining at the same time. Main business: Northeastern Chinese cuisine, whole grain, Dalian seafood, modern chaffy dish. Specially planned me

  • Qiaoyoushui Farm-Flavored Restaurant
    The restaurant is famous for the authentic farm-flavored dishes with reasonable price and characteristic principal food. Address: No. 2, Gangwan Street, Gangwan Bridge Tel: 82723698 Buses: No.16, No.27, No.526, No.801, No.31

  • Huo Ri Zi
    Located in Xigang District, Huo Ri Zi is a comprehensive boite specialized in Northeastern special cuisine with seafood. With elegant environment, there are 15 small and big private rooms and the hall can accommodate 80 people dining at the same time. Our main seafood includes abalone rice and onion

  • Haiwan Farm House
    Located on the coast of Dalian Daheishi Tourism Village, near the mountain and by the sea with clean air, it makes you enjoy the resume secular life. Construction: built in the late 1960s, the old house has the retro style with heated brick bed, old style roof sticked by stained paper, old furnit

  • Dapeng Flower Village Biotope Restaurant
    It is the first AAAAA national green hotel in Dalian. It is specialized in farm-flavored dishes, Han Dynasty Hakka cuisine and seafood dishes, etc. There are 4 banquet halls and can accommodate 80 table to hold wedding banquet, 50 square meters stage is equipped with the most professional audio equi

  • Dalian New Times Coarse Food Grain Hotel
    Located in the Sanba business area and with elegant environment, it makes people feel the flavor of the era. Everybody is given staple food as presents, such as maize cake with osmanthus flowers, Chinese sauerkraut with corn, pan fried turnip cake and vegetable pie, etc. Every table is given homemad

  • Bai Xing Cun
    Our decoration is authentic peasant style and seafood with excellent quality and reasonable price. All the raw materials of pot soup are high quality gems simmered for more than eight hours. Chinese people have the custom of drinking soup so pot soup is the best choice! Address: No. 128,