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  • Yinge Barbecue Club
    Our club provides top grade Japan meat, imported raw material and seasonings, there are total three floors with thirteen rooms which can hold ninety customers at the same time. The interior design of room adopt "Kushui Mountain" concept makes the club a elegant place for dining and meeting

  • Yixin Barbecue
    Yixin Barbecue is a Korea Barbecue Restaurant. We will provide appetizers before the dinner appetizer. The fat but not greasy streaky pork, juicy steaks, marinated chicken cartilage make you enjoy yourself so much as to forget to leave. Besides what we mentioned above, the zaru sobaand bibimbapis al

  • Sumba Concept Restaurant
    Sumba Concept Restaurant is a chain restaurant of Baishi Yule. The unique feature of the restaurant is its Sumba barbecue and Bavaria beer. The New Mart shop is about 1800 square kilometers with a 60 meters Long Corridor. Address: Fifth floor, New Mart shop, Zhongshan District, Dalian Tel: 8

  • Qinghe Korean barbecue Restaurant
    Located on the six floor of Hongfu Hotel, the restaurant mainly operates Korean cuisine and Korean barbecue; we have the advanced far-infrared oven, which can make the authentic Korea taste. The raw materials are imported from Korea which makes the flavor more authentic. We have various kinds of Ch

  • Longwubabingwi Japanese-style barbecue Zhongshan No.9
    The seasonings are imported from Japan and meet is selected strictly. Address: Block C, First floor, No.9, Zhongshan, Xinglin Street, Zhongshan District. Tel: 82558898 Bus you can take: 23

  • Shilimen Barbecue
    Located on the beautiful Qiqi Street, Shilimen Barbecue formally settled down in Dalian in 2001 with a total area of 400 square meters, which can hold about 100 people at the same time. Both Chinese and western style private rooms are equipped in the restaurant. Our staff are sent abroad regularly f

  • Laogui Seafood & Barbecue Restaurant
    Laogui Seafood & Barbecue Restaurant is located on the famous Tangshan Street. The hall on the first floor is spacious and bright; the second floor is decorated luxurious, cozy and comfortable. We promise to use genuine mutton, any false a compensate ten. We also have imported New Zealand calf,

  • Tang Dynasty Seafood & Barbecue Restaurant
    Our restaurant is located on the Jiefang Road, the flavor of barbecue is unique and delicious, the elegant environment is very suitable for dining together with family or friends. Address: 259, Jiefang Road, Zhongshan District. Tel: 84612336 Bus you can take: 2、505.403.523.5, get off at Wuc

  • A Wei Barbecue
    Address: No.142, Huabei Road, Chejiacun, Shahekou District,Dalian Tel:0411-84449810

  • Han Yuan Barbecue
    Adress: maritime university, No.1, Linghai Road, Gangjingzi District, Dalian Tel:0411-84824369

  • Jin Shan Bei
    Address: No. 4-3, B Area, Jinma Road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Dalian Tel:0411-8763045262778333

  • Baidu Barbecue
    Address: No. 142-3, Wuyi Road, Shahekou District, Dalian Tel:0411-84381807