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  • Zhenguo Coffee (Yanan Road Shop)
    Zhenguo Coffee always gives a feeling of bright and comfortable. The oval sign is the transshape of the letter "C" In coffee, which is a symbol of communicating with customers. And adopt green as our main color to emphasize of the bright, clean and elegant features of our coffee house.

  • Taipei UC Coffee
    After walking into UC Coffee and enjoyed a cup of mellow coffee, you will experience excellent warmth and endless romance as well as ancient cultural and elegance. We have 16 private rooms, which on the third floor, are decorated with different styles. Taipei UC Coffeeis the best choice for busines

  • UBC Coffee
    With excellent location, elegant environment, UBC Coffee is the best choice for business dinner, business talks, and friends meeting. We promise you will enjoy the top-ranking coffee, excellent steak and high-quality service at the UBC Coffee. Address: 228, Xi'an Road, Shahekou District, Dali

  • Mingtien Coffee
    Mingtien Coffee is located face to Dongxu Megastar Hotel with a total area of 800 square meters, which can hold 150 people take meals at the same time. The private rooms are decorated with 10 different styles. With the famous cook, professional technicists, Chinese food, western food, delicious coff

  • Gelan Pastry (Dalian Shop)
    Gelan Pastry is one of western food chain brands, ithas successively found and formed distinct food culture in the business process and combined the elegance of western restaurant and romance of coffee house thus make a perfect union for both Chinese and Western cultures. Gelan pastry not only want

  • Danti Coffee House
    Danti Coffee House mainly provides fresh ground coffee, fresh squeezed juice, traditional western food of American style, Taiwan style fast-food, Chinese dishes and various drinks etc. there is outdoor garden for your recreation, Danti Coffee House is the best choice for business dinner, business ta

  • Typhoon Shelter Tea House (Zhongshan Shop)
    Typhoon Shelter Tea House (Zhongshan Shop) is located on the prosperous Tianjin Street in Zhongshan District. Its operating area is about 2000 square kilometers, which makes it the biggest tea house in Dalian, With the latest business model, RMB18/person all day, there are hundreds of drinks and co