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  • Ying Du Fei Niu Hotpot Restaurant
    Ying Du Fei Niu is 150 meters west to the municipal government with operating area of 2200 square meters. More than 30 kinds of private rooms and excellent service make it famous in Dalian. Address: No.17, Anle Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian Tel:82808722、82808062 Bus:15, 16

  • Ye Li Fei Niu Hotpot Restaurant
    Ye Li Fei Niu Hotpot Restaurant use fresh and good quality beef with unique spices. The restaurant has gained a good reputation by its delicious dishes, clean and comfortable environment as well as complete hospitality service. Address: No. 103—117, Youhao Road, Zhongshan District

  • Little Sheep(Changxing Store)
    The business of Little Sheep was founded in Baotou, Inner Mongolia in August 1999. Little Sheep Group Limited("theCompany" or "Little Sheep") focuses on operating Mongolian—style hot pot chain restaurants as well as developing, processing and sales of seasoning and meat pro

  • Tan Yu Tou
    Tan Yu Tou is in the list of "Top 10 Chinese Catering Industry" and famous for its fresh and tasty food of fish dishes. Tan Yu Tou uses the fresh head of aristichthys nobilis as the raw material. Address: No.91, Tongtai Street, Dalian Tel:84351112 Bus:15、533、713、514

  • Shun Feng Fei Niu
    Shun Feng Fei Niu was established in Changchun of Jilin Province in 1992. By now, it has owned dozens of chain shops all around China and has made great profits and gained a good reputation from the customers. Address: No.8, Taiyuan Street, Shahekou District Tel:62982333 Bus:23

  • Li's Braised Mutton
    Li's Braised Mutton is awarded "China Famous Specialty Restaurant" and "China Brand Hotpot". Stewed Lamb in Brown Sauce has good and fresh taste with abundant nutritions. Address: McDonald's, Heishijiao Tel: 84691162 Bus:406, 23, 801

  • Laoshizhai Jin Tou Ba Nao
    Jintoubanao Yiguoxiang is made from beef plate, beeftendon, scalded aorta, beef flank, tripes, and beef back strap mixed with more than 30 kinds of Chinese herbs. The dish tastes good and is also rich in complex nutrients. The taste leaves people with an endless aftertaste. Address: Crossi

  • Huang Cheng Lao Ma
    Huang Cheng Lao Ma is a famous and top-level brand of Sichuan hotpot, which is listed as the 40th among Chinese top 100 Catering Enterprises. It covers an area of 3,000 square meters and has delicate and unique taste as well as distinguished service. With the belief of authentic Sichuan-flavored cha

  • Dong Shu Hotpot Restaurant
    Founded in the 1990s, Dongshu Catering Development Co., Ltd. has become the first batch of China Famous Food Enterprise honored by China Cuisine Association. With business purposes of Carrying Forward Chinese Diet Culture and Creating A Global Catering Brand and the five-star value of "Custo

  • Dafulong Hotpot Restautant (Changjiang Road Store)
    Dafulong Hotpot Restautant is the chain shop of the old and famous hotpot restaurant. Good quality beef is rated as the state famous brand. Fresh and good quality beef guarentees nutrition of delicious food. Address: No.137, Changjiang Road, Zhongshan District Tel:82650488 Bus:203、13

  • Bei Yang Dou Lao
    The restaurant is located not far way from Zhongshan District and Tianjin Street, it is also the largest Seafood Hotpot Restaurant. The luxury and elegant decoration as well as the superior service make the restaurant the first choice for customers. Address: No.14, Zhonghe Street, Zhongshan

  • Sitong Fish Hotpot( Tongji Road Store)
    Add: No.498, Tongji Road, Dalian Tel:0411-87676375