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  • Yuan Wei Zhai Roast Duck Restaurant
    We have got many titles, such as "Shenyang Flavor Shop", "Chinese Famous Dish", "one of the ten famous dishes of tourist in Liaoning Province", "Shenyang Flavor Famous Dishes", "Golden Tripod Award", etc. We bow to customers with the staff and tha

  • Yang Ma Zi Pancake
    Since the registration in 1986, Yang Ma Zi Pancake has got many titles of honour, such as "Traditional Dish", the Innovation Gold Award of "Tianjing Cup", "Jingyue Pioneer Cup", and the Gold Award of "China Dish". With hundred years history and Chinese trait,

  • Stewed Goose with Iron Pan (Malan Store)
    Our special cuisines are goose series, regional seafood and local fried dishes. Our seafoods are on sales year to year and we long-term offer special water (date and brown sugar water). Excellent quality and reasonable price and economical are our features. Address: No.52, Hongqidong Road,

  • Tianfu Burning Noodles
    Burning noodles were born in Yibin. It was named burning noodles for it can be burnt by fire. The processing operation is very exquisite. The stewed noodles are neither too hard, nor too soft, drain well and then mixed with tailor-made oil, chopped green onion, sesame and bean sprout. It is orang

  • Quanjude Roast Duck
    Quanjude is an old and famous shop in China, it was founded in 1864. It has become an important component of Chinese cuisine culture. 21 special cuisine selected from 400 dishes of Quanjude have features of good color and sweet smell, reasonable nutritive proportion, they are essence of Quanjude and

  • Ping Yao Ren Jia
    The person with bad stomach and likes eating wheaten food can come here. It has a simple but elegant environment and authentic flavor of Shanxi. There are dozens of wheaten food, such as cookie, noodle and steamed twisted roll, etc. The chief cook is a Shanxi person who has innovated new flavor c

  • Miao Village
    The main background of Miao Village is the catering culture of Tujia and Miao, it is specialized in Miao dishes, Tu dishes and Hunan cuisine. The dishes are authentic and simple with local characteristics. Miao bouilli is cooked by local methods and it has bright color and good taste. Miao fish h

  • Miao Jia Shan Zhai
    Miao Jia Shan Zhai is specialized in orthodox Miao dishes. Founded in January, 2010, it covers 400 square meters and can accommodate 150 people dining at the same time. There are 20 parking spaces and 8 compartments. Address: No.11, Lianhe Road, Shahekou District Tel: 84527808 Buses: No. 53

  • Wheat King(Youjia Village Store)
    Wheat King is a comprehensive hotel specialized in Shanxi cooked wheaten food. Cooked wheaten food has been existed for more than two thousands years in Shanxin, it has been popular across the nation for wide varieties. Featured cooked wheaten food includes sliced noodles, stretched noodles, hand

  • Jierla Restaurant
    Located at the intersection of Minsheng Street and Tianjin Street, Jierla Restaurant make customers feel like going back to the western regions with its adornment style of Muslim Xinjiang, elegant dinning environment, touching Xinjiang songs and prestigious special cuisine. It covers 400 square mete

  • Huangshan Anhui Cuisine Hotel
    Founded in July, 2006, Huangshan Anhui Cuisine Hotel was formed by Dalian Anhui Merchants Association. It was named Dalian Anhui Association in July, 2007. Huangshan Anhui Cuisine Hotel is the only one Anhui cuisine hotel in Dalian, it covers over 1000 square meters and has 20 private rooms. 60

  • Hao Xiang Lai Chinese and Western Restaurant
    Hao Xiang Lai was founded in 1993, it always persists in scientific dietary patterns combined with exquisite catering culture. The main foods here are Chinese meal and Western meal. It also provides tea and dissert in Hong Kong style. Professional quality guarantee for several decades, strict select